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The Original Skinner

     This is a knife inspired by the first sporting knife I ever made.  It's the same basic drop point design with a large finger guard that's served me for about 30 years.  So I thought I'd offer it for those looking for a work horse design.

Overall Length: nearly  10"  Blade Length: About 5"  Blade Width: just over 1 1/16"  Blade Thickness: just under 3/16"  Handle Length: just over 5 1/2"  Handle Width: just under 1 1/4"  Handle Thickness: just under 3/4"  Finger Guard: just under 1 15/16".  Hidden tang.  Scabbard is included with knife.

Price $135.50 plus shipping in deer antler or brass with walnut handle.

My original design had a cow bone finger guard.  These have more rugged deer antler or brass guards.  It's a large skinner, but you'll be surprised how nimble it is.  The drop point, arching shape of the blade and handle keeps your hand and handle out of the mess as you work.  The large finger guard helps to protect your knuckles from those irritating little scrapes that are inevitable during  field dressing.  And the large smooth handle ensures there aren't going to be any hot spots develop while you work to dress large game.  You should get many, many years of dependable service from the Original Skinner.

The tapered grip and perfect balance ensure that all my knives will have a positive feel in the hand. 

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