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The Skinner

     This is a compact, large game, drop point style skinner.  It offers the same features as the Original Skinner in an more compact design.  It's comfortable to carry and as rugged and dependable as the original. 

Overall Length: just over 7 3/4"  Blade Length: just over 3 3/8"  Blade Width: about 1 1/4"  Blade Thickness: just under 1/4"   Handle Length: just over 4 1/4"  Handle Width: just under 1 5/16"  Handle Thickness: just under 7/8"  Finger Guard: just under 1 5/8" x 1/2" thick.  Hidden Tang.  Scabbard is included.

Price $135.50 plus shipping in deer antler or brass with walnut handle.

This knife may be compact, but it's no light weight.  The blade is slightly wider and thicker than the 10" Original Skinner.  The number one comment from everyone, besides how do you get a knife that sharp, is that you can just feel the quality of the knife.  I work hard to get the balance right, as do most makers.  But the feel of quality is a product of design and construction.  It can't be faked.

This is the best feeling compact game skinner I've ever used.   It has a long radius blade for capping, arching drop point design and finger grip at the guard like the Original Skinner.  But, it also has a finger grip at the hilt that is absolutely necessary for maintaining a positive grip on a compact skinner.  As with all my knives, the balance is right where it should be.  This one is at the finger guard.  The blade features my typical hollow grind with a 3/16" sharpening relief and a diminishing radius to maintain tip strength.  The one below went to a fellow out east and has a slightly shorter handle and antiqued bone guard.  Look closely and you'll see my camera reflecting in the blade. 

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