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The Skinner II

     This knife is a scaled down version of the Skinner.  It's intended as a small to medium game skinner.  It's the same tried and true drop point design that's been around for centuries, just with my twist on the design.   

Overall Length: about 7 3/4"  Blade Length: about 3 9/16"  Blade Width: just over 1"  Blade Thickness: just under 3/16"   Handle Length: just over 4 1/8"  Handle Width: just under 1 5/16"  Handle Thickness: just under 7/8"  Finger Guard: just under 1 5/8" x 1/2" thick.  Hidden Tang.  Scabbard is included.

Price $129.99 plus shipping in deer antler or brass with walnut handle.

I'm not a leather smith, but I do include a simple loop stitched leather scabbard with all my knives.  However, these are carbon steel knives.  The do rust. Never leave a knife in the scabbard for long periods without inspecting them regularly.  Common leather preservatives and polishes are organically based and will accelerate oxidation in steel...even stainless steel!

This is a nimble, light weight design that is just as at home field dressing a deer as it is around the camp site.  The blade is narrow enough to be used on smaller game or fowl and substantial enough to take on bore or deer.  It has a long radius edge that extends about 1/3 the blade length to accommodate capping and enough straight edge for cutting up carrots for a camp fire stew.  But, this ain't no table knife.  This is a hunters blade.  A perfectly balanced skinning tool for those who appreciate a light weight design or are looking for a junior sportsman's first knife.  Oh, and even the brass gets the mirror polish treatment.  Look closely and you'll see me snapping the pic in the brass guard below. 

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