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The Game King

     This one is really just a smaller version of the Elk King.  It shares all the aggressive styling cues with it's big brother, just a lighter more nimble blade.  It's intended as a small to medium game skinner, but it will take big 'uns too. 

Overall Length: just over 8 1/4"  Blade Length: just over 4"  Blade Width: just over 1 1/8"  Blade Thickness: just over 1/8"   Handle Length: just over 4 1/4"  Handle Width: around 1 5/16"  Handle Thickness: just under 7/8"  Finger Guard: just under 1 7/16" x 1/2" thick.  Hidden Tang.  Scabbard included. 

Price $129.99 plus shipping in deer antler or brass with walnut handle.

This upturned skinner was inspired by a design pioneers used while settling the New World.  I made it as a upgrade to a design call Buffalo Skinner.  The knife features a long radius cutting edge with a diminishing radius hollow grind that maintains strength at the upturned tip.  There is a thumb rest and finger grove at the guard and a finger grip at the hilt of the handle.  The handle has a sweeping radius starting at the thumb rest and continuing to the hilt.  A great feeling knife.  The balance is just at the front of the guard so the weight pivots between the index finger and thumb as you work.  The aggressive, nimble design and light weight makes it a real tool for the outdoorsman and sportsman alike. 

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