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The Custom Original

     This one is the same basic design as the Original Skinner with a couple tweaks.  The blade is the same size and drop point shape only with a clip point (NOT SHOWN).  It also has a finger grip guard and handle like the Skinner and Skinner II. 

Overall Length: just over 9"  Blade Length: 4 3/4"  Blade Width: just over 1 1/16"  Blade Thickness: just under 3/16"  Handle Length: 4 1/4"  Handle Width: just under 1 5/16"  Handle Thickness: just under 3/4"  Finger Guard: just under 1 5/8" x 1/2" thick.  Hidden Tang.  Scabbard included.

As shown $259.50.  Base price $135.50 plus shipping in bone or brass and walnut.

The one pictured is a one off with a through tang, brass hilt and guard, saw back and gut hook.  The handle is Ebony and Osage Orange.  That's the ideal of the Custom Original.  It's the original design with a clip point and the ergonomic handle of the Skinner and Skinner II designs.  This one really just shows the designs versatility.   Adding options adds to the price, but I can do similar additions to any design.

The Custom Original is just for the red neck in us sportsman.  I've heard from the whitetail chasin', wild pig huntin' country boys I run with and this is the result.  They've said they like a drop point design for skinning and capping chores, but like the clip or chisel point for separating joints and that sort of thing. just looks cool, according to them.  I'm not sure about that, but the clip point is a useful addition to a game knife.  It leaves more thickness down the center of the spine and strength at the tip.  Of course, the one pictured here with a gut hook had to stick with the drop point design to be effective.  The basic clip point, hidden tang, walnut handle knife will be $135.50.  Just over half this one.

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