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The Camper

     This is a knife inspired by a knife I bought 35 years ago.  It was a popular design called the Sharp Finger.  But if you know the design, the only thing they really have in common is size and full tang design. 

Overall Length: just over 7"  Blade Length: about 3 1/2"  Blade Width: about 1 1/4"  Blade Thickness: just under 1/4"   Handle Length: about 3 1/2"  Handle Width: around 1 1/8"  Handle Thickness: just under 7/8"  Finger Guard: just under 1 1/8".  Full Tang.  Full Tang,  Scabbard included. 

Price $149.99 plus shipping, deer antler or bone guard only and walnut handle.

The Camper is one of my most poplar designs.  As I said, it was inspired by a design called Sharpe Finger and it's easy to see why.  It's a very compact upturned skinner that's comfortable on the belt and comfortable in the hand.  As can be seen in the top view above it is a full tang design.  I take great pains to get the weight down and balance right. But with a full tang, short handle and blade it is very important it's weighted slightly toward the handle to maintain control at the blade tip.  The one above is deer antler and walnut, while the bottom one is natural antler and Ebony.  I can do either with a straight joint between the guard and scales like below or radius joint like above. 

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