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The Ranger

     This knife is what I call a camp site tactical.  Because of the short blade, you couldn't really call it a tactical.  But the styling cues are there.  A mock clip, centered point, double bolster, coke bottle push blade handle, recurve edge and agressive saw back reinforce the look.

Overall Length: 7 7/8"  Blade Length: just under 3 5/8"  Blade Width: just under 1 5/16"  Blade Thickness: just over 1/8"   Handle Length: 4 1/4"  Handle Width: around 1 1/4"  Handle Thickness: just over 5/8"  Finger Guard:  approx. 2" x 1/2" thick.  Hidden Tang.  Scabbard included.

As Shown $229.95.  Base price $169.95 plus shipping in bone or brass and walnut.

The Ranger is styled to be every bit as aggressive looking as a full size tactical.  Just in a more sportsman friendly size.  Don't mistake the compact size for reduced performance though.  This is a full grown knife.  The one pictured here features aggressive straight cut saw back that's perfect for clearing small brush from shooting lanes, around the camp site or cutting an emergency tent peg when you discover one didn't make the trip out of the garage.  The basic knife is $169.95 without the saw back.  The mock clip point on all of them is left wide enough to serve as a hammering anvil.   The natural finish Walnut coke bottle handle has concave sides at the bolster and pommel that provide an unbelievable amount of grip. 

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