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The Shark

     A knife with attitude!  It's inspired by it's name sake and is part of the Neptune Collectors set.  But, the attitude of this knife can stand on it's own.  This design feels absolutely perfect in the hand.

Overall Length: approx.  7 3/4"  Blade Length: approx 3 5/8"  Blade Width: approx. 1 1/14"  Blade Thickness: just under 3/16"   Handle Length: just over 4 3/16"  Handle Width: around 1 1/8"  Handle Thickness: approx. 13/16"  Finger Guard: approx. 1 5/8" x 1/2" thick.  Hidden Tang.  Scabbard included.

Price $149.99 plus shipping in deer antler or brass with walnut handle.

This shark does bite.  Despite the radically upturned blade and sweeping lines, the Shark feels absolutely amazing in the hand.  The deeply carved finger grips only enhance that positive feel.  If you like upturned skinners this design is as functional as any of the type for a medium game skinner.  The long radius edge that extends from about half way of the blade to the tip is excellent for capping.  And the long radius heel on the back of the handle as shown in the above left pic fits perfectly into the palm for better leverage for the task.  This is not a fantasy knife.  It is a well thought out design that just happens to fit a theme.  It's a surprisingly nimble tool that just happens to have one of nature's greatest predators as it's role model.  And it's every bit as capable as the name sake. 

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