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The Piranha

     The first of the Blackwater collectors set.  These are massive tactical/survival style designs and not for the faint of heart.  It comes with an aggressively serrated back, anvil and brass double guard and hilt. 

Overall Length: approx. 9 1/4"  Blade Length: 5"  Blade Width: just over 1 1/2"  Blade Thickness: just over 5/16"   Handle Length: approx. 4 1/4"  Handle Width: approx. 1 1/16"  Handle Thickness: just under 1 1/2"  Finger Guard: just under 2 1/4" x 1/2" thick  Scabbard included.  Through tang.

Price as shown $319.85 plus shipping in brass guard and hilt only with walnut.

Most everyone has heard the bone chilling stories that have raised the little Piranha to almost mythological status.  Regardless of the hype, a couple things are certain about this little blackwater predator.  It is efficient, aggressive and has a permanent toothy grin.  This design captures those traits...especially the toothy part.  The serrations on the back are large, deep and as aggressive looking as the piranha's grin.  Where the grin stops there is an anvil to allow for the use of a mallet to drive the edge through heavy limbs or the only thing piranha leave behind...bone.  From there to the tip is a double edge.  It's hollow ground just like the cutting edge and could be easily sharpened.  Oh, and the serrations aren't nearly as useful as a saw back would be.  They just look a lot cooler.

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