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One of a kind designs start on the drafting table.  Then to a computer rendering for approval.  These are just a couple of the more than 10 renderings I emailed the client before he settled on the last one in the lower right. This one had the added challenge of being completely Hand Forged!

I have more than 40 hours design and approval time invested in this design.  Well worth it when the client came in from the east coast to pick it up.

The design for the Black Knight went through several variations.  Some with the finger loop, some without.  Some in different combinations of materials, like the walnut and brass pictured above right or the final design in ebony and brass pictured lower right.  We even played with details like the rounded corners where the guard and hilt join the wood, like in the bloodwood, bone and brass combination in the lower left rendering.  As you might have guessed, designing a One Of A Kind can be exhausting.  But, it's also highly rewarding and the only limitations are in the mind of the artist and client!  As you can see, the art and the knife came out just about identical.  Funny how that works!  Even with hand forged.

The Scabbard is dye black with two blued spring clips to hold it in place.  It can only go in or come out one way.  Kind of like a law enforcement officer's pistol holster.

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