This is an example of the certificate you will receive with any knife you purchase from me.  These certificates are important to receive from a maker because it authenticates the knife as being solely authored by that artesian.  Why is that important?  If you read my article about what makes a hand made knife hand made, you'll know there are folks out there that will produce knives from kits or mass production and sell them to you as their work.  That's ok if you like the knife, but the value of that knife will never approach that of a true one of a kind custom.  This little piece of paper makes your knife an investment as well as a tool.  Just check the prices on custom makers no longer with us, like Randall, some time.  The knives he produced before his death are...shall we say pricey.  And hey, I'm no spring never know!
     The certificate will come with your name, serial number matching the knife, general knife specifications and will be signed and dated by me.  It'll be printed on a fine ivory linen paper, suitable for framing.  Who ever you buy knives from, make sure they will provide paperwork that legally bids them as the sole author of a knife you are spending your hard earned money on. 

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