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     These are links to other craftsman and friends we know.  Most of the knife making community is a friendly bunch of folks that share a love for all things outdoors and what they can do with their hands.  And man...are they good with their hands. Please feel free to visit their sites and help support these friends, artisans and craftsmen.  Have a great time!

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These folk provide an outlet for aspiring writers or just the average folk to vent...within reason. You write it, they'll post it. Great Fun! I even have a few articles and stories you'll find.

These folks Host this Site.  They're great to work with, helpful and inexpensive.  I highly recommend them!

Web Hack Designs

This is the guy that built and maintains my site!  Dave takes excellent care of me.  Every thing I've ask him to do happens and happens quick.  And just exactly as I've asked.  Heck, we're on the third version of the site and hardly ever complains!

These Folks are friends and developers who have started a great new community in the local area.  If you're lookin' to relocate to the Western Kentucky Area...These ARE the people to see!

This link is to an exciting young author named Ty Schwamberger.  We are collaborating on a custom knife to accompany his new novel, "Night School!"  Support this young artist by purchasing his novel at any major book outlet.

Link to Ty Schwamberger's Site

This is a link to aspiring and master knife makers...and they're ALL from here in Kentucky.  We are proud of our long history of frontier and craftsman. I'm thinking Daniel, Davey and the rest would find something they'd carry here.  And I suspect you will too.

These are some of our overseas friends!
We aren't endorsing anyone of them or their products, but feel free to check um out!

Looses Cookshop are suppliers of the global knife sharpener in the UK.

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