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Let's Get Started!

     If you're ready to get your new JDB Knives knife,  here's what you need to know.  I now have a shopping cart system for orders. If you seen something you like, CLICK HERE. It may be in stock.  If not, we can handle the details through email, over the phone or in person if it's feasible to meet.  The process starts when you CLICK HERE and send me an email.  I guarantee that your information will be held private by me.  Please read the privacy note to the left.


     If you know exactly what you want, you'll need to include 6 things in your message .  (1) the series number and/or name, (2) the choice of materials, (3) the shipping address be sure to include your AREA CODE, (4) preferred method of payment, (5) preferred shipping method, and (6) do you want the order insured.  That's it.  Then I will get back to you within 24 hours of receiving the message confirming shipping, pricing and payment details. 
     If you prefer
face to face or phone contact, just include your (1) phone number and  (2) a best call time indicating when I can contact you.  I will call you at that time in the next 24 hours from when I receive the message.
     If you have
questions or special request, just include contact information, either phone number or email address and I'll get back to you within 24 hours of receiving your message. 

Note: You will receive an automated conformation email shortly after you click send.  If you don't receive the auto conformation email, the request may not have gone through.  Please contact administration at the bottom of any page and report the problem or try again


     I can accept paypal, check, money orders or cash (no cash through the mail of course).  If your selection is in stock, I will usually ship the knife within 2 business days.  If it's not in stock, you do not have to, and I don't want you to pay for the knife before I start making it.  As soon as you place your order I will begin making your custom knife.  And when it is nearing completion I will send you a request for payment invoice. 


     If the knife you select is in stock you will receive it within 2-7 business days from confirmation of payment.  Depending on shipping option you choose.  If not, it may be as little as 2 weeks or as many as 6 weeks, depending on back log.  But it's seldom more than 4 weeks. 


     You pay shipping unless otherwise specified.  Shipping is USPS Parcel Post 2-7 days or USPS Priority 2-4 days at your discretion.  Insurance is also your choice. I do not charge stocking fees on orders.  You pay what I pay unless there are extraordinary shipping conditions.  You can calculate shipping by CLICKING HERE and entering 42211 in the Ship From field and your Area Code in the ship to field.   

One of a Kind Customs

     As you'd expect, payment and delivery of One of a Kind Knives is a special case.  Payment WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED until the final design has been approved and 100% of materials choices are completed.  Except under certain conditions, as determined by the maker.  That's me.  If I determine extraordinary materials or request are involved, I may require a good faith deposit. 
     Why?  To protect the client, me the maker and our families.  Plain and simple.  Designing and making a One of a Kind Knife can be a lengthy process.  Things happen.  If I accept a commission and circumstances conspire to stop me from completing the knife, none or only minimal good faith money has to be accounted for by my loved ones.  And the other way around for the client.  And then there's that pesky artistic differences problem.  Until a design is agreed upon, you can never be sure you can work together.  Once the design process is over, making a knife can be a relatively quick and smooth procedure. 

Privacy Note

We are very private people at JDB Knives.  With all of the internet fraud and theft occurring today, we take great pains to protect our personal information and computer.  As a trained IT specialist I understand the problem.

That's why our personal information does not appear on this site.  I have several layers of protective software installed between us and the World Wide Web. 

As precious as I hold my family's identities...I hold that of my clients even closer.  Only my clients get my personal information.

I will NEVER knowingly disclose, sale or share your information unless you say to do so.  EVER!

It will take a government subpoena to get your information...and then they'd better beat me to the delete key!

Return Policy

     I am dedicated to your satisfaction.  To that end, you may return your knife for a full refund...minus shipping of course...for any reason within 10 days of receiving it.  The knife and any accessories must be returned unsharpened and undamaged.  That means the same condition as you received it.  When the knife is received by me, I will inspect and compare the knife with reference photos taken of each knife before shipping.  I will refund the price of the knife if these conditions are met to my satisfaction. 
     In addition and because I am so confident in these designs, if the knife fails under normal use for the intended purpose of the design, as determined by me,
I will replace or repair your knife for free.  You only pay shipping cost. 

NOTE: I don't make pry bars, screw drivers or hammers.  I make knives.  Respect and use them for the sportsman's tool they are.  If you break one of my knives trying to pry the head off the motor in a 57 Chevy Nomad...don't bother sending it back for a replacement!  It's not gonna to happen. 
     Also these are carbon steel knives.  They WILL RUST!  Care for it as per the instructions you will receive with knife and they should last a lifetime.  I will be glad to restore the finish of any knife to the best of my abilities, but there may be a service charge if I determine there was neglect or misuse involved in the damage. 

SHIPPING DISCLAIMER:  We will ship anywhere in the world that USPS ships.  The buyer is responsible for knowing, adhering to and notification of all local laws, tariffs, taxes and or regulations governing the intended recipients state, province, country or principality.  JDB Knives accepts no responsibility for lost, damaged or confiscated merchandise in such cases.  By this transaction you swear you are of leagl age for such pruchase and JDB Knives and it's owner is held non culpable and/or harmless to the full extent of the law. 

Any and all claims for lost or damaged merchandise, insured or otherwise are strictly between you the shipping carrier.  You will be provided with a shipping confirmation number to track and monitor your package.  In case of problems or claims, contact the provider by following the instructions on the USPS web site

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