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Title: Gun Port Post Rules! Read Before Posting!
Post by: The Man! on February 03, 2009, 08:24:18 PM
Welcome To Blade Zen Gun Port Discussion board!

Have a great time, talk, argue, scream, tell jokes....whatever.  This board is dedicated to those who love guns and shooting sports as much as I do.  Let the world know what you think.  Just do it within the Board's rules and the Global forum rules. 

These are the rules and they are absolute!  Unless I change my mind!!!!

1 )  Read and understand the Global Posting Rules ( before posting to any forum.  They are global after all.   

2 )  We aren't Miss Manners.  So we'll stay out of discussions unless they interest us and don't violate the global posting rules.  However, individual sub topics may have individual rules to fit the sensibilities of its participants.  Do Not Violate they're rules.  They will have permissions to ban you from the discussion. 

3 )  Keep the discussions confined guns, shooting and shooting sports related subjects.  Just keep the politics of gun ownership for the Political Discussion boards.  They'll be a thread there soon. 

4 )  No gun sales or trading on this site.  We DO NOT have a federal dealers license or even know the laws for such things.  This stuff is controlled by the FED people.  Don't screw with um!

How's that?  Have a great time.