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Author Topic: FUCK THE NFL!!!!!!!  (Read 2520 times)
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« on: September 27, 2017, 04:09:48 PM »

Fuck the NFL.  Fuck Jerry Jones.  Fuck Roger Goodell.  Fuck ANY of these pampered, half whit, narcissist that believe that an athletic gift or the ability to act and a little money gives them the right to inject their twisted view of the world into to my Sunday...that I PAY to enjoy, by the way....fuck um.  It just pisses me the fuck off.

FUCK the NFL!  I've watched the last NFL football game I'm ever going to watch.  

I don't watch NASCAR races any more for this exact reason.  I don't and haven't watched network television since the early 90's.  Fuck ABC, NBC, CBS and their globalist masters.  Makes it hard to enjoy racing when all I watch is the half a season that's on FOX.  Besides, when they started that crap and viewership tanked, they decided the lesson they learned was they should be more politically correct.  BULL!!!

Americans are fed the fuck UP with a twisted minority of cocaine damaged, pseudo intellectuals and thugs injecting their particular brand of insanity into on daily lives.

I'm not a Trump supporter.  He's a shitty used car salesman with bad hair, but he is right.  FUCK UM!!!!

The Man!
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