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Author Topic: Braggin' Rights Posting Rules! Read Before Posting.  (Read 2638 times)
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« on: January 23, 2009, 07:21:58 PM »

Welcome To Blade Zen Collector's Braggin' Rights discussion board!

Have a great time, talk, argue, scream, tell jokes....whatever.  This Board is just for the collectors of knives.  It's the a place to show us what ya got.  Just do it within the Board's rules and the Global forum rules. 

These are the rules and they are absolute!  Unless I change my mind!!!!

1 )  Read and understand the Global Posting Rules before posting to any forum.  They are global after all.   

2 )  a. This board is for collectors!  Makers are NOT ALLOWED to post pics of their own work on this thread.  There are plenty of other places for us to do that. 

       b. Makers and other members are encouraged to post comments and questions about the collectors pieces.  But, makers beware!  This board is moderated by collectors.  They will have little tolerance for knife makers who denigrate a fellow collector's pride and joy. 

We understand that many makers are collectors as well, but leave this thread for the guys who only buy um!  They deserve their own place to show off.

3 )  We aren't Miss Manners.  So we'll stay out of discussions unless they interest us and don't violate the global posting rules.  However, individual sub topics have individual rules to fit the sensibilities of its participants.  Do Not Violate they're rules.  They will have permissions to ban you from the discussion. 

4 )  Feel free to post pics of your pride and joy.  Just adhere to the 800 X 600 size restrictions.  Keep in mind that only the best professional computer screens display high resolution photographs, so you're just eating up band width and numbers of pics you can post by posting high resolution pics. 

Most computer screens are set to display at 96 dpi, not the 300 x 300 that most common digital cameras shoot at.  So cut down the size and click that more option button in photo editor to lower the quality.  No one will notice until you get below 60% anyway.  And everyone will be much happier they didn't have to wait 5 minutes for that picture of your pride and joy to load!

5 ) If you just gotta post your little darlin' as a big, high res it as an external link to your favorite photo storage service.  But I gotta tell ya, they'll resize and reduce the resolution by default.  So it will be the same either way.  Just bigger. 

Have fun!
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