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Author Topic: These Are The Rules. Don't Mess With Us On This!  (Read 2899 times)
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« on: January 25, 2009, 10:24:09 PM »

Welcome To Blade Zen General Discussion board!

Have a great time, talk, argue, scream, tell jokes....whatever.  Just do it within the Board's rules and the Global forum rules.

These are the rules and they are absolute!  Unless I change my mind!!!!

1 )  Follow the rules for each individual board.  Individual Boards may have individualized rules, but these rules DO NOT exempt users from any global rule.

2 )  No Trolls or Spam!  We don't like multiple profiles.  They make us feel dirty.  DO NOT register a second or third profile just to FLAME or HARASS someone.  We will nuke that profile, any others you may have, PERMANENTLY BAN your butt and report spammers to the FTC!  If you've got something to say to someone...cowboy up and say it.  If not, it shouldn't be said. 

3 )  We can't meet legal obligations for pornography.  That's the Feds folks.  Don't screw with um on this one.  NO PORNOGRAPHY!  We will nuke that profile, any others you may have and PERMANENTLY BAN your butt!

4 )  We reserve the right to find anything we don't like offensive and nuke it.  I am not the most righteous guy on the planet.  So if you offend me or my moderators, your a pretty low down SOB.  Don't take it personally.  Just move on to the next thing.  If you keep doing it...We will nuke that profile, any others you may have and PERMANENTLY BAN your butt!

5 )  Moderators are the final word!  Don't mess with um.  If you think you've been treated unfairly by them or any other member, contact the Administrator (ME).  I'll slap um down if they need it.  NOT YOUR JOB!  If you decide it is...We will nuke that profile, any others you may have and PERMANENTLY BAN your butt!

6 )  You can download or use external Avatars, but they must be no bigger than 75 X 75.

7 )  We are not a storage service for pics.  There are plenty of free storage sites out there.  Use them!  We're allowing Attachments for now, but we reserve the right to end the practice without notice.

8 )  Max size for an attachment is 98 KB each and 196 KB total per post.  That's 2 per post or more if you save them at lower quality/smaller size.  Up to 4.

9 )  Maximum Picture Size is 800 X 600!  Please follow this guideline.  Big picks slow down load times and tick your fellow users off!

10 )  Absolutely NO video of any kind.  We just don't have the space and the server doesn't allow it.   

11 )  a.  We do not have the means or desire to facilitate, mediate or moderate the sales or trading of merchandise or services of any kind. 
         b.  No sales or trading of merchandise or services of any kind.  If you do so on this site, you do so at your own risk.
         c.  JDB Knives, Blade Zen its participants, administrators and moderators accept no responsibility and/or offer no remedy for damages or loss resulting from your personal decision to violate our stated policy of no sales or trading of merchandise or services of any kind. 
         d.  You are welcome to post external links to your business, service or merchandise...but do not try to describe or post pics of your business, services or merchandise.  Your post will be deleted! 
         e.  Repeated violations of this rule will result in the deletion of that profile, any others you may have and we will PERMANENTLY BAN your butt!
         f.  By signing up for and accepting a membership for this Web Site you are agreeing to abide by and accept the rules of this site.  In addition, you do avow and agree to hold harmless in all matters related to this Web Site, JDB Knives, it's owner, Blade Zen, it's owner, the administrator/administrators and/or its moderators in perpetuity.
How's that?  Follow the rules and have a great time. 
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