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Hand Forging Method

     These are knives I've produced by the Hand Forging Method.  It's a familiar method if you're seen a black smith work.  It's just heating up the steel till it's hot enough to give to a hammer blow and pounding on it till it looks like a knife. 
     Ok, there's a little more to it than that.  But it's been going on since man discovered iron.  Modern blade smiths do have the advantage of modern steels and generations of knowledge to draw on.  I'm still hand forging behind the shop, so watching me work is a little more rustic than industrial, but I manage to produce custom knives to the client's exacting specifications. 
     These were
one off designs and  so not for sale.  But I'm always excited to get started designing a unique knife just for you...just Contact Me to start work.  Click any pic to see more pictures, design info and how they came to be. 

Black Knight Gallery Elk King Gallery

This One is Called the Black Knight.  The etching on the blade Virtus et Vires, which can mean several things in Latin, in this case stand for Chivalry and Strength.  The client wanted my take on a large Karambit style with lots of attitude.  How'd I do?

Just a glimpse inside my homemade forge.   This is the blade of an Elk King being heated up for quenching and then off to tempering.

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