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Designing one of a kind knives is about as much fun as making them.  I get to let my imagination go.  In the case of White King, the client had a chess theme in mind and a style of knife he wanted.  His original ideal was a large bowie style version of my Star Child design.  After a couple of conversations, I went to the drafting table.  Then came the computer rendering for his approval.

There were a couple other versions from the drafting board and the computer, but these are the ones that settled the design. 

     I sent along some pics of the some of the raw materials I intended to use in his knife.  That's the 1/2' brass plate and huge deer antler pictured to the left.  Along with the roughed out blade.

     As I worked I sent updates from time to time showing progress of the parts as they were completed.  That's what's pictured below that. 

     Not everyone wants to be so involved, but if you do...I will make my best effort to accommodate your interest.

     Oh, by the way the finished knife is below.  Funny how it came out to look a lot like the computer rendering above.  If you want yours to be a surprise...don't ask for a realistic rendering for approval.

You might just get it!

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