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The BTLegacy Knife

     The owner, a fellow down in Tennessee, wanted me to make him a knife to replace a knife he inherited from his father.  He wanted something he could pass on to his son.  Something that went along with his love for hunting, the outdoors and native american cultures.  His father's knife was an upturned skinner produced by Edge Mark called the Original Buffalo Skinner.  He'd used it yearly since his father's passing.  Needless to say, it was disappearing with every season.   He wanted to retire it to a display case in favor of something in the style of my Camper design.  This is what we came up with.  The carving in the blade is a simple scrolling line that spells out his initials, RWT.  That was fun figuring out how to get it to look the same on both sides of the blade. 

The client wanted a lot of bone to mirror the stag handle on his father's knife, so I inlayed a large slab of white tail antler he provided in each handle.  And of course the antler guards from the same piece.  I included some carving in the bone that matches tribal feel carving in the blade.  You can almost make it out in the above left shot.  And I added a black epoxy liner around the bone inlay to match the black spacers that Edge Mark's Buffalo Skinner's had in their stacked handle.  Throw in my typical primitive loop stitched scabbard and it kind of completes the look. 

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