Feel free to browse around and make your self at home.  Hope you enjoy viewing my knives as much as I did making them.  I'm working harder than ever to expand the scope of my skills.  I've recently even started forging a few knives.  They'll show up in the Knife Gallery or Available Now...my new Online Store as they're produced.  And check out the Articles Page for Exciting News. Night School Set Now Avalible! 
     All of my knives are hand made.  Each one comes with a sheath, my hand etched logo and date on one side and an individual serial number on the other.  It will come with a matching Certificate of Authority.  If you want a One Of A Kind
designed just for you...that's what I live for.  Just contact me and we can get started.  Former clients tell me that it's the most fun they've ever had. 
     I've tried to keep these pages and graphics as simple as possible.   We can't get high speed out here in the sticks and there is nothing I hate worse than setting around waiting for a page full of whiz bang graphics to load.  So if you're in our situation these pages were designed with you in mind.  And please, feel free to visit the Feedback Forum and let me know what you think. 

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     All JDB Knives are hand made and so great for collectors.  But, they are intended to be used.  I apply all of my outdoors and sporting experience to the design of every knife.  The line of Custom Knives in the gallery reflect my style applied to some of the most common, time tested hunting and sporting designs from history. 
     These are designs that are most requested.  They are produce using the stock removal method.  And I produce several of them per year using high quality, but common materials.  That is reflected in the extremely reasonable pricing for a hand made custom.   
     But don't mistake reasonable pricing with low performance.  These are rugged, dependable high carbon steel knives that sharpen easily and hold an edge. 
    These knives are usually sold before they're finished, but you can check the Available Now page to see if any are available.  You never know, sometimes orders get canceled. 

Forging a Black Knight's Tang

Here, I'm forging the tang for a one of a kind custom called Black Knight.
This unusual Karambit style custom can be seen in the gallery under One of a Kind heading Too.

     My One of a Kind customs can be produce using either the stock removal method or the forging method.  Although I have been producing knives for 30 years I have only recently begun taking orders for one of a kind customs including hand forged customs.  I don't know why I waited so long.  It is fun!
     Regardless of the method, the design is half that fun.  I will coordinate with you on every step of the process.  From first drafting board drawings to the last choice for materials, you will be as involved as you want to be!   
     I also have access to several unbelievable artisans who will be glad to add any embellishments that are above my pay grade.  I provide a basic scabbard with every knife, but if you'd like a custom tooled scabbard, scrimshawed handle or fine engraving...I can help you choose the right artisan for the job.  Let's get started!

Grinding out a Blade Blank

This one turned it to a one of a kind custom called White King.
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